The Psychological Toll of the Slaughterhouse

Note: this post contains graphic descriptions of slaughterhouse work. Adam Smith, commenting on the early problems of the Industrial Revolution, famously wondered what happens to a person who spends most of his waking hours making the heads of pins. His thesis was that such dreary, repetitive labor improves productivity, but dulls the mind. I wonder … Continue reading The Psychological Toll of the Slaughterhouse

The Emptiness of the Presidential Turkey Pardon

I only realized how strange this social custom is when I started thinking about animal rights. At the risk of looking like a spoil-sport, I cannot help but point out how bizarre it is that the president should pardon a turkey each Thanksgiving, in a feel-good spirit of mercy and generosity, yet continue to eat … Continue reading The Emptiness of the Presidential Turkey Pardon

A Note on Language

I have long wondered why hearing someone -- such as myself -- referred to as "a vegan" is a pet peeve of mine. Every time I've heard it over the past six years, though, it's bothered me, and I think I've figured out why. Language matters. The words we use can reflect or diminish agency, … Continue reading A Note on Language

The Spirit of Veganism

One may follow the letter of the law, but not the spirit of the law, or vice versa. Here at the Reasoned Vegan we want to follow the spirit of veganism, without so much emphasis on the letter. With that in mind, Evan Anderson and Mike Favata discuss the borders beyond veganism, with issues like … Continue reading The Spirit of Veganism

Doing What We Can

I can't be the only vegan who does this. You've just left your local coffee shop, having ordered your customary medium hot coffee with soy milk. You walked out holding your paper cup -- or, better yet for the purposes of this post, a styrofoam one -- wondering if anyone else in line deduced your … Continue reading Doing What We Can

Vegetarian Horror

The subject of meat is fertile ground for the horror genre. Here's a brief rundown on 2 horror movies and a novella for those Reasoned Vegan readers feeling brave this Halloween season. Raw (2017) Raw follows the story of Justine, a vegetarian college student forced to eat raw rabbit liver during a hazing ritualโ€”an incident … Continue reading Vegetarian Horror

Tempering Our Expectations

Thinking of all the people you know and love who don't ascribe to veganism, and who thus consume copious amounts of animal products, can be overwhelming. You may wonder: How can they not see that it is wrong? On some level, most people probably do understand that it is wrong, but they feel that eating … Continue reading Tempering Our Expectations