Why Hunters Don’t Offend Me

As I've talked about before, vegans are stereotyped as overly-emotional hippies that can't think rationally. Compared to the 90% or so of people that aren't at least vegetarian, I suppose this is partly true, insofar as objecting to needless killing renders one "overly-emotional." Though many of us are far more reasonable than we get credit … Continue reading Why Hunters Don’t Offend Me

Why Fast?

Long gone are the days when the benefits of fasting are ascribed to some vague nonsense about “detox” or “cleansing.” The problem with claims of “detoxification,” are that no one can ever identify what toxins are being eliminated. Instead, fasting has evidence-based benefits related to rebooting the immune system, lowering blood sugar, improving insulin sensitivity … Continue reading Why Fast?

Speciesist and Vegan

The title of this post is not a contradiction. Let me back up a minute. According to Wikipedia, there are different uses of the word "speciesism." In one sense, it's the idea that value (or moral consideration) for living creatures should vary depending on their species membership alone. Thus, we may treat a mosquito differently … Continue reading Speciesist and Vegan

The Second Book on your Vegan Bookshelf

If first book on your vegan bookshelf convinces you to go vegan, the second one should tackle the practical problem of making veganism healthy and approachable. This problem is not as easily solved as we would like. 84% of all vegans and vegetarians in the United States return to meat eating. Some develop nutritional deficiencies, … Continue reading The Second Book on your Vegan Bookshelf


It seems to be the case that the words "veganism" and "protein" are as closely linked as salt and pepper in the minds of nonvegans. Indeed, perhaps the most common question asked once it's revealed that someone is vegan is "where do you get your protein?" The answer, of course, is food. People get their … Continue reading Protein

Does the need to supplement undermine veganism?

Supplementation is virtually a must for vegans. B12 is the obvious example. Some claim that you can get by on nutritional yeast and plant milks. I’m skeptical of even fortified foods because it’s easy to get inactive analogues of B12. It’s a subject of debate whether vegans need to take Omega-3s. ALA is easy to … Continue reading Does the need to supplement undermine veganism?

Gary Yourofsky

In March of last year, renowned (and controversial) animal rights activist Gary Yourofsky retired from his decades-long career of speaking out in defense of animals. He toured the world, delivering speeches to large audiences on the immense suffering of animals and the virtues of a vegan lifestyle. He spoke with reporters on TV and gave … Continue reading Gary Yourofsky