Vegan Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a classic meal that everyone loves. Here is a simple and quick VEGAN macaroni and cheese recipe that everyone will enjoy 🙂



  • Pasta of your choice
  • Vegan butter
  • Vegan milk (unflavored)
  • Daiya cheese shreds
  • Seasonings of your choice
  • Optional: Veggies (such as peas or broccoli)



  • Step 1: Cook pasta


  • Step 2: Heat approximately 2 Tbsp. of vegan butter in a pot on medium heat.
  • Step 3: Add about 1 cup of vegan milk
  • Step 4: Add Daiya cheese shreds
    • I usually use the Cheddar Style Shreds or a combination of Cheddar and Mozzarella. But feel free to use any flavor or combination of flavors you choose.
    • Use as little as or as much cheese as you want. I usually start out with about 2 handfulls of cheese and add more if needed.
    • Add more milk if you think necessary.
  • Step 5: Season to your liking
    • Add a little bit of salt and pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, or really whatever you want.


  • Step 6: Pour cheese sauce over pasta!
  • Step 7:  Optional: Add veggies!
    • I like to add peas or broccoli sometimes.

Serve and enjoy!



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