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We want to put The Reasoned Vegan into a frame we often don’t portray on this site: The Reasoned Vegan as an organization.

This is an operation that is managed by three people, Scout and Mike who live in New Jersey and Evan who lives in Massachusetts. Scout and Mike had thought of creating a platform for their own vegan perspectives around the same time as Evan thought of making one for his. Totally coincidentally, each of us wanted the name of our platforms to be The Reasoned Vegan. To be clear, Evan began his page a few days before Scout and Mike agreed to begin theirs – they discovered it while trying to see if there was already a Reasoned Vegan out there. It turned out there was. They reached out to Evan and discussed the idea of merging concepts and he agreed, so we bought the domain name that you’re on right now.

The origins of how this organization formed were very serendipitous, but the direction and vision of it have been concerted and intentional. We are all passionate about and committed to making The Reasoned Vegan a reputable outlet for informed and thoughtful commentary; we hope we have demonstrated this through our work. We are also deeply interested in creating an easy and seamless reading experience, which is done through our chic layout and organized pages. Much of that part of this operation is the result of the work of one person, and we want to thank him personally for his effort to make it happen. Thank you, Evan, for making the site look as great as it does. Not only has he been a prolific and skilled writer, but he has diligently worked to design the website you are all enjoying today.

We have big goals for The Reasoned Vegan and we are confident we can occupy a very important space in the realm of vegan advocacy. We believe we have something special to offer in this pursuit, both in terms of our output and our ability to perform. Scout is a graduate student earning his Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management; he also has years of experience in advocacy and civic engagement from his work in the field of foster care reform. Mike earned his degree in English and has enjoyed a life-long love of literature. He also has a deep appreciation and skill for communicating with others. Evan is a professional social worker and an unofficial journalist, which is well reflected in his writing and arguments. Our interests and aptitudes culminate into a strong and capable organization, and our devotion will ensure its success.

Our time and energy are only a small part in the formula to this site’s success, however. The other, more important part is having a strong relationship with our readers and audience. If you think our work is making a positive impact in your life, then share it with others so we can expand our reach and spread our message. And of course, continue visiting our site and enjoying our work. We hope it makes you think, learn, and embrace a reasoned vegan life!

Thank you and have a great day!


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