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We’d like to announce to you all that you may now support our work directly through our Patreon page.

For as little as $1 a month, you can help fund our efforts to advocate for a reasoned veganism, not only through this blog but also in our soon-to-return podcast. While all of our content is currently free, we will begin to produce exclusive content for our Patreon subscribers. We are also discussing ways that we can engage Patrons in conversations directly, such as through Ask Me (Us) Anything style content or, the reverse, in which we pose questions to supporters as a way to poll our audience.

We have huge plans for the future of The Reasoned Vegan. The three of us wish to dedicate as much time as we can to this project; we can only give it our all with your support.

In a world that is becoming more peaceful by the day thanks to reason and science, we’re in an excellent position to ensure that animals are not forgotten. We strongly believe that people will continue to become ever more susceptible to a vegan message that is informed, reasonable, effective, and measured.

With your help, we can help give veganism the spotlight it deserves.

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