Goodbye blogging. Hello YouTube

Hello world. This post is going to be my good-bye to the blogging part of The Reasoned Vegan. Now, I will be focusing my attention on our YouTube Channel, which Evan highlighted in a recent post. Check out our YouTube Channel here!

The topics will be similar to the ones I discuss on my page on this site, but I think they’ll be better through a video medium. I think I am a better speaker than I am a writer, too, especially about this topic. Mike and Evan do an excellent job writing here anyways, and it certainly shows from our growing audience. We are all very grateful for everyone who reads and shares our content. We believe we offer a unique, informed, and thoughtful perspective about veganism. We hope you can agree as well; if so, then please consider becoming a patron on our Patreon page (try saying that three times fast). Your $1 per month of support shows us that we bring value to your lives, and we sincerely hope we do. To us, knowing that we bring value to our lives motivates us to continue and further our work, but will also get access to exclusive subscriber content.

We have big plans for this organization, seriously. Currently, we are considering ways to expand our work by taking the change we promote on this website and applying it to real world problems. That’s really what this is all about, too: changing the world for the better. Now more than ever, there is a dire need for humanity to improve the ways it engages with the environment, nature, and nonhuman animals. We aspire to play a significant and impactful role in this overall effort of progress and vegan advocacy. I can’t be too specific now because we are still crafting our vision and mission, but I can say that our work will focus on public policy, civic engagement, and education.

Veganism is such a powerful and positive choice. Yet, no matter how good it is, there are still great challenges in having it become the norm. Accomplishing this takes many different types of efforts and approaches; and while there are many organizations that already work in this field, we believe we occupy a special and important space that will result in elevating veganism in the society. Show us you have faith in our potential by supporting us.

Without blabbering on any more about it, I just want to say once more that we so deeply appreciate our readers. We hope that we are causing you to reframe how you think about the subject of veganism. Most of all, however, we hope you join us as we advance the movement of veganism, animal rights, and environment sustainability.

Thank you all and I’ll see you on YouTube… Or, I guess you’ll see me.


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