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After some significant delay, we have finally started to post subscriber-only content on Patreon. We already have some patrons there, which is fantastic, but we want to inform you of what you’ll get if you, too, decide to donate as little as $1 a month to keep us going.

  • Three Reasons: The Three Reasons series — in which each of us in turn provides a response to a question, offering our unique perspectives — will now be for Patreon subscribers only. We previously posted these here on the site, but we have decided to move them to Patreon as exclusive content for our subscribers.
  • Newsletter: We will begin sending out a weekly update/newsletter. This is an opportunity for us to share with you some things that caught our attention over the previous week, and will likely include a short blurb of our thoughts on the topic. This is a work in progress, so plans may change somewhat, but we do want to communicate directly with you on a weekly basis.
  • Input: From time to time, we’ll reach out to you for your input. We may post a question for you to respond to. We might run a poll to learn more about our audience. We could also create “Ask Me Anything” style content where we solicit questions from you and answer them in a post or other format.

There will certainly be more Patreon-only content as we move into the future with this site. We are extremely excited to be sharing this journey with you, and we hope you decide that it is worth it to support us directly by donating to our Patreon.












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