We’re Writing an e-Book

You might have noticed things have been a little slow around here lately. That’s about to change.

We are working on an e-book — something of an Ultimate Guide to Veganism. It will be for a range of people: from omnivores who have just the slightest curiosity about veganism to hardcore militant decades-long vegans who want to sharpen their argumentation skills. Basically, it’s for anyone who isn’t staunchly anti-vegan. But even some of them might find it a worthwhile read.

The e-book will expand on and update our Frequently Asked Questions About Veganism and our How to Win an Argument About Veganism pages, walking the reader through the reasons to go vegan, the fallacies of common anti-vegan arguments, how to get started on your vegan journey, the practicalities of living a vegan life, and not letting non-vegans drive you insane. The e-book will likely include some recipes and other resources to help kick-start your new lifestyle.

We don’t know when this will be finished, and we are still working out some of the pricing details. Most likely, our Patreon page will have a new membership level wherein supporters who pay us a certain amount per month will be given the e-book for free as a thank you.

Stay tuned for updates on this e-book. We know you will enjoy it.

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