Why We No Longer Have Ads

You may have noticed ads popping up on our site around six months ago. To be transparent, we weren’t getting the kind of support we hoped for over on Patreon, and we hoped that by allowing ads we could make up the difference. In reality, ads made our site less enjoyable, slowed down web pages, and still didn’t bring in enough money to make it justifiable. We have discontinued ads on the site, and plan to keep it that way.

So we must once again urge you to consider donating to us via Patreon. There you’ll find content that you will not have access to here on the site, including the Three Reasons series, in which each of us in turn tackles the topic at hand. We have plans for more exclusive (and non-exclusive tidbits) on our Patreon as well.

The more financial support we get, the more time we can spend creating the quality content you expect from us, on a website that isn’t bogged down by ads or pleas for donations. If you can spare as little as $1 per month, you’ll have access to all of the Patreon-only content that’s available now. In the future, we may create additional tiers, wherein patrons who opt to donate more money per month will have access to more exclusive content.

We have no shortage of ideas, just a shortage of funds. Support us and help The Reasoned Vegan become all that it can be.

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