What Is This Group?

The Reasoned Vegan is an online network for vegan information, discussion, news, and more. There is a lot to love about adopting a vegan lifestyle, there is also a lot to talk about, too. Veganism isn’t one definition, there is no one way to be vegan or become vegan; it’s a beautifully diverse and deeply considered lifestyle choice, this group will represent that.

The importance of thinking about veganism (and adopting a vegan lifestyle) is because the effects of animal agriculture have been ineffably deleterious. We don’t have a choice but to worry about one of the largest contributors to CO2 emissions on the planet, or the antibiotics people consume because they come from the animals they eat. The violence and cruelty that exists in practically all other practices of animal exploitation are unnecessary and unjustifiable by modern people. The rapaciousness, enormity, and power that animal exploitation industries have are despicable disheartening. A vegan lifestyle counters these negative effects and does damage to industries and corporations who have no regard for ethics or even the world.

From a vegan advocate I met in New York City one day: “Help save the planet and everybody on it. Go green, go vegan, go cruelty-free!”


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