Scout Hartley, a.k.a. The PretRed Shirt Pointing.JPGend Philosopher, is a passionate and accomplished advocate, and an aspiring scholar in the field of public affairs and administration. He earned his Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management from Kean University. His main focus is organizing political coalitions to achieve social goals, which is his ultimate goal for veganism. As his pen-name suggests, he brings a philosophical mindset to his thinking and discourse about veganism. He also explores the different angles and dimensions of advocating for veganism.

He has been and continues to be an active voice in the domain of child welfare and foster care reform, where he has engaged in years of high-level, public policy advocacy. He currently serves on the New Jersey Task Force on Child Abuse and Neglect Protection Committee, as a National Youth in Transition Database Reviewer with JBS International, a Young Adult Consultant with The Capacity Building Center for States, and is the New Jersey Chapter Leader with the National Foster Youth Institute (NFYI). He was granted the 2019 NFYI Fostering Persistent Change Award. Before these honors, he has served as a Regional Coordinator for the NFYI Congressional Shadow Day Program in 2018 and 2019, on the National Policy Council, and as the Secretary of the Ocean County Youth Advisory Board.

He also currently serves as the President of the Pi Alpha Alpha Honors Society Kean University Chapter. He has previously served as the Secretary and the Director of Communications with this group. He was granted the 2019 ASPA NJ Student of the Year Award.

These experiences and his expertise have given him a special perspective into the processes of making meaningful, positive change in today’s complicated world. With the help from his partners, Mike Favata and Evan Anderson, and the support of viewers and subscribers like you, he is impassioned to work towards a more vegan world!