A Note on Language

I have long wondered why hearing someone -- such as myself -- referred to as "a vegan" is a pet peeve of mine. Every time I've heard it over the past six years, though, it's bothered me, and I think I've figured out why. Language matters. The words we use can reflect or diminish agency, … Continue reading A Note on Language

Doing What We Can

I can't be the only vegan who does this. You've just left your local coffee shop, having ordered your customary medium hot coffee with soy milk. You walked out holding your paper cup -- or, better yet for the purposes of this post, a styrofoam one -- wondering if anyone else in line deduced your … Continue reading Doing What We Can

Vegetarian Horror

The subject of meat is fertile ground for the horror genre. Here's a brief rundown on 2 horror movies and a novella for those Reasoned Vegan readers feeling brave this Halloween season. Raw (2017) Raw follows the story of Justine, a vegetarian college student forced to eat raw rabbit liver during a hazing ritual—an incident … Continue reading Vegetarian Horror

Tempering Our Expectations

Thinking of all the people you know and love who don't ascribe to veganism, and who thus consume copious amounts of animal products, can be overwhelming. You may wonder: How can they not see that it is wrong? On some level, most people probably do understand that it is wrong, but they feel that eating … Continue reading Tempering Our Expectations

Why Everyone Knows a “Humane” Small Farm

Though people, in my experience, seem to be less willing to offer up this canard in face-to-face conversations, something we frequently come across in online forums is the claim that "my [relative] owns a small farm, he treats his livestock humanely, and this is the exception rather than the rule" in response to an exposé … Continue reading Why Everyone Knows a “Humane” Small Farm

The Anti-Meat Argument I Don’t Understand

There’s a very common argument floating around that says that if you wouldn’t personally feel comfortable slaughtering (or castrating, or debeaking, or fill-in-the-blank) an animal, then you shouldn’t pay for another person to do it. Sam Harris has even identified this as the linchpin of his vegetarianism—the argument that prevents him from eating those organic, … Continue reading The Anti-Meat Argument I Don’t Understand

What Story Should we Tell About ‘Eating Animals’?

Eating Animals is a landmark book in the genre of contemporary animal rights literature—not because it has benefited from Jonathon Safran Foer’s fame as a novelist, or because of its celebrity endorsements, or because it’s being turned into a movie produced by Natalie Portman. The book succeeds because it so successfully balances clarity about its … Continue reading What Story Should we Tell About ‘Eating Animals’?