What do I say to nonvegans?

Advocating is tough work, especially when youโ€™re advocating for something as deeply entrenched into our idea of humanity as using consuming meat and dairy. This irrational dogma prevents many people from even considering the rightness and goodness (what I call the two virtues) of a vegan lifestyle. The case for veganism is closed primarily because … Continue reading What do I say to nonvegans?

Veganism as Politics

When I think about veganism, I like to consider it in terms of frames. For example, there are the commonly thought about frames of ethics, the environment, and its โ€˜healthfulnessโ€™ (e.g. the nutrients consumed, avoidance of cholesterol and fats, avoidance of consuming antibiotics, etc.). One of the frames I donโ€™t hear get discussed as much … Continue reading Veganism as Politics