The Spirit of Veganism

One may follow the letter of the law, but not the spirit of the law, or vice versa. Here at the Reasoned Vegan we want to follow the spirit of veganism, without so much emphasis on the letter. With that in mind, Evan Anderson and Mike Favata discuss the borders beyond veganism, with issues like … Continue reading The Spirit of Veganism

Episode 3: “What The Health” and Health in Veganism

Episode 3 on "What the Health" and the Value of Health-based Advocacy In this episode Scout Hartley and I (Mike Favata) are joined by Evan Anderson, fellow founder of The Reasoned Vegan, who came up with the name independently. Evan's post on "What the Health" and the science behind the claims made in the film … Continue reading Episode 3: “What The Health” and Health in Veganism

Episode 2: What is Veganism?

Hey everybody. In this episode we are asking the fundamental question: What does vegan mean? We go beyond definitions and talk about what it means to be vegan in practical terms. We bob and weave through the different ways that one can practice a vegan lifestyle and what considerations should be made. Please join us … Continue reading Episode 2: What is Veganism?

Our Maiden Podcast!

This is the first episode of our podcast! It's a short discussion introducing the show and laying out what we'll be talking about. I am thrilled that this project is now under way and you get to listen! We also are on Facebook and Instagram, taking pictures of delicious, amazing food, so check us out. … Continue reading Our Maiden Podcast!