A Note on Language

I have long wondered why hearing someone -- such as myself -- referred to as "a vegan" is a pet peeve of mine. Every time I've heard it over the past six years, though, it's bothered me, and I think I've figured out why. Language matters. The words we use can reflect or diminish agency, … Continue reading A Note on Language

Tempering Our Expectations

Thinking of all the people you know and love who don't ascribe to veganism, and who thus consume copious amounts of animal products, can be overwhelming. You may wonder: How can they not see that it is wrong? On some level, most people probably do understand that it is wrong, but they feel that eating … Continue reading Tempering Our Expectations

The Worst Thing About Being Vegan

Although most people overestimate the difficulty of transitioning to veganism, it is a lie to claim that it's a breeze. As with any lifestyle change, veganism requires an upheaval and reassessment of one's daily routine. There's a learning curve, to be sure, but once you've ironed out the wrinkles you can return to the automaticity … Continue reading The Worst Thing About Being Vegan

Veganism for the Poor?

There is a peculiar tendency, especially among social justice warriors who advocate intersectionality, to reply to anybody promoting a vegan lifestyle with some variation of โ€œbut poor people canโ€™t be vegan.โ€ This is almost inevitable during any debate on the topic of veganism, and it occurs so frequently and reliably such that it deserves a … Continue reading Veganism for the Poor?

Vegan Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a classic meal that everyone loves. Here is a simple and quick VEGAN macaroni and cheese recipe that everyone will enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚   Ingredients: Pasta of your choice Vegan butter Vegan milk (unflavored) Daiya cheese shreds Seasonings of your choice Optional: Veggies (such as peas or broccoli) Directions: Step 1: Cook … Continue reading Vegan Mac and Cheese