When Do We Make a Difference?

There's a book by Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point, that introduces several case studies to draw the conclusion that small things often make a huge difference in the end. This isn't a book review; I actually read this one a couple years ago and hardly remember it. Nevertheless, the point is important: small movements can … Continue reading When Do We Make a Difference?

The Temporary Vegan Enthusiasts

One major problem that afflicts the vegan and vegetarian community is the sheer number of us that return to consuming animal products. Some research indicates that 84% of vegetarians and vegans return to consuming meat. Vegans make up just 0.5% of the population; 70% of us quit. The number of ex-vegetarians is several times the … Continue reading The Temporary Vegan Enthusiasts

Why Hunters Don’t Offend Me

As I've talked about before, vegans are stereotyped as overly-emotional hippies that can't think rationally. Compared to the 90% or so of people that aren't at least vegetarian, I suppose this is partly true, insofar as objecting to needless killing renders one "overly-emotional." Though many of us are far more reasonable than we get credit … Continue reading Why Hunters Don’t Offend Me

The Worst Thing About Being Vegan

Although most people overestimate the difficulty of transitioning to veganism, it is a lie to claim that it's a breeze. As with any lifestyle change, veganism requires an upheaval and reassessment of one's daily routine. There's a learning curve, to be sure, but once you've ironed out the wrinkles you can return to the automaticity … Continue reading The Worst Thing About Being Vegan

Reflection on a Year of Being Vegan: Beyond Diet and Lifestyle

The powerful thing about veganism is that it is both philosophy and practice. It gives the gift of realizing your own agency in embracing or limiting suffering. A year into being vegan, Iโ€™m particularly proud of the way being vegan impacted my life in far-flung ways that go beyond proscriptions on diet and lifestyle. It … Continue reading Reflection on a Year of Being Vegan: Beyond Diet and Lifestyle

Effective Altruism for Animals

Many vegans will know Peter Singer as the godfather of the animal rights movement, but less well known is the foundation he provided for another burgeoning area of practical ethics, effective altruism (EA). In his essay โ€œFamine, Affluence and Moralityโ€ (1972), Singer, appalled by the famine and poverty in East Bengal, came up with a … Continue reading Effective Altruism for Animals