The Spirit of Veganism

One may follow the letter of the law, but not the spirit of the law, or vice versa. Here at the Reasoned Vegan we want to follow the spirit of veganism, without so much emphasis on the letter. With that in mind, Evan Anderson and Mike Favata discuss the borders beyond veganism, with issues like … Continue reading The Spirit of Veganism

Doing What We Can

I can't be the only vegan who does this. You've just left your local coffee shop, having ordered your customary medium hot coffee with soy milk. You walked out holding your paper cup -- or, better yet for the purposes of this post, a styrofoam one -- wondering if anyone else in line deduced your … Continue reading Doing What We Can

The Worst Thing About Being Vegan

Although most people overestimate the difficulty of transitioning to veganism, it is a lie to claim that it's a breeze. As with any lifestyle change, veganism requires an upheaval and reassessment of one's daily routine. There's a learning curve, to be sure, but once you've ironed out the wrinkles you can return to the automaticity … Continue reading The Worst Thing About Being Vegan

Reflection on a Year of Being Vegan: Beyond Diet and Lifestyle

The powerful thing about veganism is that it is both philosophy and practice. It gives the gift of realizing your own agency in embracing or limiting suffering. A year into being vegan, I’m particularly proud of the way being vegan impacted my life in far-flung ways that go beyond proscriptions on diet and lifestyle. It … Continue reading Reflection on a Year of Being Vegan: Beyond Diet and Lifestyle

Inside the USDA’s ‘Meatless Monday’ Debacle

Ed Murtagh, Sustainable Operations Manager at the USDA, had no idea what was coming one afternoon in late July 2012. He had just emailed to some colleagues a link to the latest “Greening Headquarters Update,” a monthly internal USDA newsletter about what fellow employees can do to reduce their impact on the environment. Soon after, … Continue reading Inside the USDA’s ‘Meatless Monday’ Debacle

Veganism for the Poor?

There is a peculiar tendency, especially among social justice warriors who advocate intersectionality, to reply to anybody promoting a vegan lifestyle with some variation of “but poor people can’t be vegan.” This is almost inevitable during any debate on the topic of veganism, and it occurs so frequently and reliably such that it deserves a … Continue reading Veganism for the Poor?

The Reasoned Vegans on the Drunken Wisdom Podcast.

Recently we made a guest appearance on the Drunken Wisdom podcast! We talked about veganism, trending topics and how they tie into one another. Check it out by clicking on the episode below! 🙂