The Anti-Meat Argument I Don’t Understand

There’s a very common argument floating around that says that if you wouldn’t personally feel comfortable slaughtering (or castrating, or debeaking, or fill-in-the-blank) an animal, then you shouldn’t pay for another person to do it. Sam Harris has even identified this as the linchpin of his vegetarianism—the argument that prevents him from eating those organic, … Continue reading The Anti-Meat Argument I Don’t Understand

On Vegetarianism

Every week, my mother, and my younger brother and I used to drive twenty minutes or so to Taco Bell. It was as habitual as it was ritual; I’d eat my cheesy gordita crunch and drink my Starbucks coffee as my mother reminded us to complete our weekly chores. I looked forward to it every … Continue reading On Vegetarianism

Inside the USDA’s ‘Meatless Monday’ Debacle

Ed Murtagh, Sustainable Operations Manager at the USDA, had no idea what was coming one afternoon in late July 2012. He had just emailed to some colleagues a link to the latest “Greening Headquarters Update,” a monthly internal USDA newsletter about what fellow employees can do to reduce their impact on the environment. Soon after, … Continue reading Inside the USDA’s ‘Meatless Monday’ Debacle

On Comparing Animal Agriculture to The Holocaust

There are few things that upset people more than the sentiment carried with the following statement: Comparing animal agriculture to tragedies such as slavery or the Holocaust is, at best, counter-productive, because it is offensive to most people. Public health research has shown that frightening or guilting people is rarely going to motivate them … Continue reading On Comparing Animal Agriculture to The Holocaust

The Reasoned Vegans on the Drunken Wisdom Podcast.

Recently we made a guest appearance on the Drunken Wisdom podcast! We talked about veganism, trending topics and how they tie into one another. Check it out by clicking on the episode below! 🙂

Why Veganism is Always More Sustainable Than Eating Animals

Many a debate has come to pass over whether eating meat (or animal products more generally) can be “sustainable.” But if we dissect the meaning of the term “sustainable” and take into account a mind-numbingly simple math equation inherent in animal agriculture it becomes clear that this debate is largely about alleviating the guilt of … Continue reading Why Veganism is Always More Sustainable Than Eating Animals

Veganism as Politics

When I think about veganism, I like to consider it in terms of frames. For example, there are the commonly thought about frames of ethics, the environment, and its ‘healthfulness’ (e.g. the nutrients consumed, avoidance of cholesterol and fats, avoidance of consuming antibiotics, etc.). One of the frames I don’t hear get discussed as much … Continue reading Veganism as Politics