When Do We Make a Difference?

There's a book by Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point, that introduces several case studies to draw the conclusion that small things often make a huge difference in the end. This isn't a book review; I actually read this one a couple years ago and hardly remember it. Nevertheless, the point is important: small movements can … Continue reading When Do We Make a Difference?

What Should We Do With That Old Leather Belt?

Many non-vegans seem to habitually concern themselves with whether or not vegans are secretly hypocrites. From questions about what you'd do if stranded on a desert island, to what foods you choose to feed to your pets, it can feel at times like others are scrutinizing your lifestyle in hopes of finding some way in … Continue reading What Should We Do With That Old Leather Belt?

Speciesist and Vegan

The title of this post is not a contradiction. Let me back up a minute. According to Wikipedia, there are different uses of the word "speciesism." In one sense, it's the idea that value (or moral consideration) for living creatures should vary depending on their species membership alone. Thus, we may treat a mosquito differently … Continue reading Speciesist and Vegan

Doing What We Can

I can't be the only vegan who does this. You've just left your local coffee shop, having ordered your customary medium hot coffee with soy milk. You walked out holding your paper cup -- or, better yet for the purposes of this post, a styrofoam one -- wondering if anyone else in line deduced your … Continue reading Doing What We Can

What’s Behind Jordan Peterson’s Hostility to Veganism?

Jordan Peterson is part public intellectual, part anti-PC free speech crusader, and part self-help guru. He gained most of his fame opposing bill C-16, a Canadian statute that critics argue polices language and enshrines postmodernism into law. Since speaking out against the bill, Peterson has gained legions of fans online, many of whom attribute his … Continue reading What’s Behind Jordan Peterson’s Hostility to Veganism?