It seems to be the case that the words "veganism" and "protein" are as closely linked as salt and pepper in the minds of nonvegans. Indeed, perhaps the most common question asked once it's revealed that someone is vegan is "where do you get your protein?" The answer, of course, is food. People get their … Continue reading Protein

When Facts Mislead: Paltering and Veganism

Some critics of veganism routinely deploy facts about nutrition that arenโ€™t true. They make use of facts that are narrowly true, but only serve to muddy the waters in the pursuit of overall understanding. There is a name for this form of deception: paltering. Lies of commission (intentionally making untrue statements) and lies of ommission … Continue reading When Facts Mislead: Paltering and Veganism

Bad Excuses: Survival

As vegans, we hear a lot of the same rhetoric time and time again: I just couldn't do it, I could never be vegan. You are protein deficient. Plants feel pain. And so on. One of the oddest excuses for continuing to eat animals, in my opinion, is the whole "I eat meat for survival." … Continue reading Bad Excuses: Survival

Pass the Tea, Hold the Milk

Might a delicious cup of freshly brewed tea provide another reason to avoid dairy? Milk may interfere with the health benefits of tea. I have family that are so stubbornly dependent on milk that they insist on buying a carton to lighten up their coffee every time they come over. If they were tea drinkers, … Continue reading Pass the Tea, Hold the Milk