When Do We Make a Difference?

There's a book by Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point, that introduces several case studies to draw the conclusion that small things often make a huge difference in the end. This isn't a book review; I actually read this one a couple years ago and hardly remember it. Nevertheless, the point is important: small movements can … Continue reading When Do We Make a Difference?

What Should We Do With That Old Leather Belt?

Many non-vegans seem to habitually concern themselves with whether or not vegans are secretly hypocrites. From questions about what you'd do if stranded on a desert island, to what foods you choose to feed to your pets, it can feel at times like others are scrutinizing your lifestyle in hopes of finding some way in … Continue reading What Should We Do With That Old Leather Belt?

Veganism’s “Problem of Evil”?

Recently, veganism got a brief platform in one of the last places you might expect: A class about Administrative Ethics; more specifically, in a lecture about Administrative Evil. While introducing the topic, my professor was describing individual actions that might arguably be evil, and he touched upon how some vegetarians and vegans might consider the … Continue reading Veganism’s “Problem of Evil”?

When “Meat” Becomes Meat

Until recently, I spent the past couple of years as a social worker. Since February 2016, I provided community-based outreach to individuals in the Boston area suffering from serious mental illness (think bipolar disorder, major depression, etc.). I enjoyed the job considerably despite the fact that I never intended to be a social worker; I … Continue reading When “Meat” Becomes Meat

The Temporary Vegan Enthusiasts

One major problem that afflicts the vegan and vegetarian community is the sheer number of us that return to consuming animal products. Some research indicates that 84% of vegetarians and vegans return to consuming meat. Vegans make up just 0.5% of the population; 70% of us quit. The number of ex-vegetarians is several times the … Continue reading The Temporary Vegan Enthusiasts

Why Hunters Don’t Offend Me

As I've talked about before, vegans are stereotyped as overly-emotional hippies that can't think rationally. Compared to the 90% or so of people that aren't at least vegetarian, I suppose this is partly true, insofar as objecting to needless killing renders one "overly-emotional." Though many of us are far more reasonable than we get credit … Continue reading Why Hunters Don’t Offend Me

Speciesist and Vegan

The title of this post is not a contradiction. Let me back up a minute. According to Wikipedia, there are different uses of the word "speciesism." In one sense, it's the idea that value (or moral consideration) for living creatures should vary depending on their species membership alone. Thus, we may treat a mosquito differently … Continue reading Speciesist and Vegan